The project has been co-financed by the European Union under the Regional Operational Programme of the West Pomeranian Province for 2007-2013, submeasure 1.1.3 Investments of SMEs in new technologies, under the name "Improving the competitive position of NewCo by using in the specialist recycling centre for innovative technological solutions in the field of alternative fuel production". The technological line was produced in Austria by Lindner. In 2013, it was modernised as part of a project called "Modernisation of the Recycling Centre's technological line for the production of alternative fuels from non-hazardous waste in the village of Leśno Górne". As a result of the implementation of both projects, it is a fully automated line, controlled and managed by numeric control panels operated by qualified technical staff.


The technological process is based on ecologically safe, mechanical processing of waste, subjecting it to the "smart" separation into fractions, in order to select flammable fractions. The technological line is driven by electric engines supplied from own transformer 15kV/400V through special control cabinets.
The waste to be processed to the Recycling Centre, after unloading, goes directly to the production line. After processing in the technological line, the finished RDF fuel is directly picked up and transported by walking floors to customers. This solution significantly limits the need to have a large storage facility for waste.

  • Odpady przygotowane do procesu odzysku
    Odpady przygotowane do procesu odzysku
  • Załadunek odpadów do linii produkcyjnej
    Załadunek odpadów do linii produkcyjnej
  • Transport odpadów do rozdrabniacza
    Transport odpadów do rozdrabniacza
  • Wstępne rozdrabnianie odpadów
    Wstępne rozdrabnianie odpadów
  • Separacja frakcji niepożądanych z materiału
    Separacja frakcji niepożądanych z materiału
  • Końcowe rozdrabnianie i homogenizacja paliwa
    Końcowe rozdrabnianie i homogenizacja paliwa
  • Wyładunek gotowego paliwa RDF
    Wyładunek gotowego paliwa RDF

Loading of waste into the production line takes place via a hopper equipped with automatic sensors regulating the speed of feeding waste to the line. From the hopper, the waste is transported to a powerful low-speed shredder, which grinds waste to a size of about 80 mm, then they are subjected to a separator system, which separates all non-flammable elements from the material stream, such as metals, stones, rubble, sand, glass, ash, etc. After the process of separation of unwanted fractions, the material is subjected to final grinding and homogenisation, adjusting the size of the fuel depending on the needs of the customer. All line elements are interconnected and controlled by a central computer so that the fuel production speed is optimal in terms of efficiency and quality.

Thanks to this innovative technology, which NewCo has implemented, the waste that has so far landfilled will become a source of fuel. The production of these fuels significantly limits the consumption of natural energy sources and is very competitive in price compared to other energy sources.