The origin of the company

The company "NewCo" was established in 2004 in order to conduct widely understood pro-ecological activities. Among other things, the company dealt with promoting the use of waste as solid alternative fuels of of the RDF type. In 2007-2009 the company imported these fuels from the German market to Poland. Experience within this scope has allowed to broaden the knowledge in the field of alternative fuels production of RDF type, regulations in international waste trade and market research of alternative fuels in terms of obtaining raw materials for production and the market of their recipients. This several years of experience allowed us to properly plan and carry out a well-thought-out investment project in terms of technical, as well as commercial point of view.


At the beginning of 2010, the Company commenced activities aimed at creating a modern Recycling Centre in Poland that would process waste in such a way that it was fully developed and did not end up in landfills. As a place for the planned investment project, the Company acquired land with the area of 2 ha located in Leśno Górne near Police, in the immediate vicinity of a municipal waste landfill. The location of the Recycling Centre in the Police Commune has many advantages, the most important one is understanding the ecological aspects of our activities by the commune authorities.In May 2011, the company obtained a building permit, the investment project was started to implement in July 2011, and in March 2012, the Company obtained a permit to use the installation for processing waste for alternative fuels of the RDF type.

The hitherto effect of the Company's operations is the construction of a modern Waste Recycling Centre with an installation for the production of alternative fuels of the RDF type. It should be noted that the dynamic growth of demand for RDF fuels on the Polish and German markets and other European markets, even the deficit of this energy source, indicates that the chosen direction is correct.

We highly recommend all communes, institutions and companies from our province to cooperate in the field of waste management. This will allow you to solve the problem of waste management in a way other than storage.